Thursday, 14 May 2015


"Stop tingling my ear" I said to my brother but he said he wasn't. Then it stopped so I climbed the tree that was beside me and it started to tingle again.  I looked beside me but there was nothing. Tingle tingle. It was annoying so I touched my ear, then I screamed and threw it. "What was it?" my brother asked. I said a freaky spider. Suddenly my dad came and said "It's just a spider."

I hate spiders. From that day I always checked if something was on my ear.


  1. I hate spiders too. That would have been my worst nightmare, finding a spider in my ear. You must have more self-control than me, because I would have screamed the house down!

  2. Same. I had a spider on my ear but I'm not scared of spiders. Tuhoe

  3. I have had many experinces with spiders, there was that time where I woke up in bed and there was a spider on my nose, a small one of course, your story told me that I really should check for spiders when i feal a tingling on my ear, or elsewhere.