Monday, 21 September 2015


Are you the kind of person who likes KFC? Maybe you like the taste of the salted chicken, or maybe you like the chips best. Sometimes we can smell all the food cooking from KFC because my whole family live on Blair ave, right beside KFC.

Usually the KFC was full of people. but not at night time. One night, It was around 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning, everybody was in bed, including me. But then my dad heard a Big Bang like a gun. He went out and had a look. He didn't think it was the Neighbours, or it could be KFC?

He gave a drink to the dog because he noticed she had no water, but as he went out the Gate then he saw a KFC delivery truck. It had reversed into the KFC driveway where the cars usually are. IT was one of those trucks that has a platform that goes up and down to lower down heavy boxes of food. 

But somehow, they had dropped the boxes and made holes. There was frozen chicken all over the place. Just lying on the concrete. Some of them didn’t even have wrappers on them!
The driver must have dropped the frozen chickens while trying to take them inside. But here is the worst part.

They picked up the chickens, put them back in the boxes and wheeled them inside. My dad heard them saying “doesn't matter, nobody knows and the chickens were frozen. and  are going to be melted.” So they picked it all up, and the chickens disappeared inside. It was gross. 

I wonder why they do all the unloading at night time? This may not be the first time it has happened. So think twice the next time you bite into a piece of KFC chicken, because it might have been dropped outside!.

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