Monday, 12 October 2015


In term one we (He Tangata and room 22) went camp And this is the description. 

I woke up and heard chatting and the nois of the sleeping bags, like moving plastic bags. I got off the wobbly old bed. Some people were snoring loudly, I can't tell you who. I could hear louder laughs between quiet voices, as my friends are talking to most of the people in the bunk.

I went outside. There weren't that many people there. I saw lots of native birds that you can't see in town, they all sound different. We will never run out of oxygen cos we are surrounded by elongated trees. I can taste the native air. The birds were standing on a tree watching something. 

Then I saw a ball a yellow ball hitting a tree and the birds flew off, but I knew what it was. It was cricket, the sport I played last year. I really enjoy playing sports, especially cricket. I ran in and joined in the game. BANG!! The ball flew and landed where no one was standing. Okay, I should go over there. So I went to stand next to our bunk room.
I was happy to play but I couldn't get the bat, because there so many people playing. I would have wait to get my bowl.


  1. Bianca and Rebekah14 December 2015 at 12:51

    Rocky the descriptive words in your story sound amazing. We love how you say we will never run out of oxygen cos we are surrounded by elongated trees. It describes camp really well.

    By Bianca and Rebekah

  2. I like the way you describe the bird all there tweeting and twerping. Agree that there were way too many people playing cricket. I think you could improve on the last paragraph because it doesn't have as many descriptive words as the other two.