Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Football cheater

The evil cheater Toby had arrived. 

It was a hot morning tea and I went out to play football. There were 3 people playing football already, so I joined it. Their names were Ollie, Luca, and the evil cheater Toby. Luca and Ollie don't cheat, so I went to join them. But Toby made the teams.  It was Luca and Toby vs Ollie and me - it's already unfair, I thought. 

I passed the ball to Ollie, who bashed his foot like a baseball bat against the ball, and scored. Toby jump out of nowhere and he shouted,
"What, that didn't go in!"  I knew the ball had gone right past Luca and in middle of the goal. His goal was smaller than ours too.
 "Yes it did!" Ollie shouted with his high voice.
"FINE it went in,” with Toby’s angry voice “but you had to say, Luca nearly saved it. So no goal". 

Then the bell rang. We went back to class. Ollie told the teacher. We (the whole class) went outside to talk about it. It was like the third time we had talked about it. I can remember games after that too where he still cheats by falling on purpose.


  1. That reminds me of room 22 i like how you show expression using simbols!

  2. Hey Rocky that story reminds me of room 22 and I scored a goal yeah. Its a good story because it had actually happened before. I also like it because it will connect with people who like football. From Ollie.