Monday, 19 September 2016

McDonald's behind the scenes

This term my speech was about how bad McDonald's food are. I learned to have rhetorical questions and use the power of three. For example maybe your patty was overcooked or maybe the chips with too much salt in it? Perhaps you got a headache after eating McDonald's. I used a few ideas that connected to point of the view
and used parts of structure but lacks balance. 
When I did my speech it felt like I started to make fast food companies produce healthier food.

Here's a link to my speech  

Have you ever thought how 
unhealthy mcdonald’s has become? 
Maybe it was the pattie that was 
overcooked or the chips that had 
way too much salt in it perhaps 
you got a headache after eating it?
 They always don't tell you what it 

They could have chemicals, food colour, 
 fake beef, chips that never go rotten. 
Maybe it was only 10 dollars. 10 dollars
 When a healthier dinner is 30 dollars
 people get easily hooked, the happy 
meal toys that make kids beg to go there
 It's not just McDonald's it is also KFC
 and other junk food companies with 
adds that want to make them go to 
fast food companies. Here are some facts
 from the web.

Once there was a food tester, testing 
macca’s chicken nuggets. He left the
 nuggets in the fridge for ten days. 
He cracked open the nuggets and
 there was nothing inside left!.
Where did the chicken go? A real chicken
 won't do that. Picture this. 
Your at McDonald's  and you're
 eating the nugget, did you know
 you were eating fake chicken?

Also some scientist put the
 cheeseburger in stomach acid
 and guess what happened? It turned
 black and started to melt! would
 you like to eat that for dinner?
 Fake burger melting into black bits?
 McDonald's is lying to all of us.

In Kentucky two people reported
 that there were worms in the McDonald's
burge  Munching up the cabbage
 That must made them not want to
 come back anymore. 
Would you keep eating McDonald's? 
I wouldn't. 

Would you still go to the fast food companies?
 Maybe think about what I have told you
 and not go there again. we can stop these
 fast food companies by stop visiting.
 If we stop going there they could start
 to produce healthier food or be forced
 to shut down

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